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Ground Source Heat Pumps take low level retained heat from the ground and boost it for heating a property and providing hot water for domestic use. Also see our article on Thermal Collector Pipework

Solar thermal systems use the sun’s energy to heat water for domestic use. A 1m2 solar thermal panel could save 500-800 kWh per year. See more details on our Solar Water guide page.

Biomass is a bioenergy fuel source which when burnt provides heat energy. See our Biomass page and our Wood Storage Volume article for further details.

Find out how Air Source Heat Pumps absorb heat from the outside air using a refrigerant circuit to turn low grade heat into heat capable of heating a property heating. Also see our article on the Efficiency, Cost & Carbon Comparison of ASHP

See our article on Solar Electric panels that convert energy from the sun into free electricity.


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Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) systems work by taking low level retained heat from the ground and boosting it for heating a property and water for domestic use. Read about GSHP... includes design information on boreholes and accumulator vessels.
Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) systems can be highly efficient delivering up to 250% seasonal efficiency. Read about ASHP...
Buffer vessel & thermal storage See our article on buffer vessels and thermal storage sizing for heating systems.
Thermal insulation in buildings; an introduction to thermal conductivity and thermal resistance details here...

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