Free CAD Blocks

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CAD Blocks

A selection of free CAD Blocks by for use with AutoCAD

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The following blocks are provided free in DWG format by for you to download:

Bedroom Furniture: A selection of bedroom furniture blocks. Includes full-size drawer chest, wardrobes and a bed sofa.     bedroom furniture AutoCAD® drawing blocks  
Vehicles: Various motor vehicles. Includes plan views of Ford Focus, Ford Mondeo, Triumph TR7, Citroen C3, BMW Mini, plus others.     vehicles AutoCAD® drawing blocks  
Jars: A collection of kitchen coffee, tea and sugar jars.     kitchen jars AutoCAD® drawing blocks  
Data Sockets: Full-size faceplates of single and double gang data outlet sockets.     data socket AutoCAD® drawing blocks  
UK Power Sockets: Full-size faceplates of UK single and double gang sockets and switches to include fuse connection units, power outlets and lightswitches.     power socket AutoCAD® drawing blocks  
Radiators: Collection of dynamic blocks. A variety of radiator plan views from single panel to double panel as well as cast iron radiators. Each dynamic block allows selection on radiator length.     radiator collection of dynamic AutoCAD® drawing blocks  
Valves: Collection of dynamic blocks. A wide range of full-size pipework valves to include ball valves, lockshields, solenoids, thermostatic radiator valve, strainer, drain-cock and more.     valve collection of dynamic AutoCAD® drawing blocks  
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